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Tree Care

You can prolong the life of your tree by taking care of it during the festivities. A little care and attention should help stop it drying out and dropping all its needles.

Fred Smith’s Unique Ten Point Tree Care Plan

Tree has no root?

If the tree has no root – ensure that it is fresh cut i.e. branches at bottom of tree are not already very dry and brittle.

What to do when you get home?

Cut-off about 20mm from the bottom of tree to ensure that the nal cut is very fresh.

Your tree has a root?

ALTERNATIVELY if the tree still has a root system then it is best to pot it immediately into fresh moist earth.

Pot big enough?

Make sure the pot being used is big enough to support the tree adequately and is watertight.

Leave in water

Regularly water the tree – stand un-potted or rootless trees into shallow water whilst they are still outside the house to help them last longer.

Keep outdoors

Keep your tree outside the house in a cool place until it is needed indoors – best to leave this until all the other festive decorations are going-up.

Place away from heat

When taking your tree indoors, try to place it away from direct heat – i.e. coolest place possible – in a hall or near a window.

Water regularly

Continue to water the tree regularly – give it at least half a pint EVERY day (or more) especially in a very warm room.

After your festivities

Remove your tree as soon as possible after the Christmas festivities especially if you’re planning to replant it (it’s advisable to keep it indoors for a maximum of 4 weeks).

Good root? Replant your tree

First put it into a shed for a couple of weeks to re-aclimatise, then replant and water regularly, to ensure it is well re-established into the ground.

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